Company Background

About Us

Nadi Kemajuan Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2016 with the main focus on the business of road furniture supply and installation and pavement works. Even though a relatively young company, we had progressed well through strategic alliances with the players in the industry to create a synergy to grow our business.

We aim to be an active participant in the infrastructure developments in the country by ensuring that we deliver our jobs within the specified time frame, meet or exceed the expected quality and yet being competitive in our pricing. This can only be achieved by working in strong partnership with our sub-contractors and suppliers that can assure us of their quality of work and materials. We strictly adhere to the material standards specified by the authorities and we take pride in our ability to manage and control our work quality in all projects we undertook as we assumed it as our responsibility to ensure that we deliver to the end-users the quality products that their safety is dependent upon.

Our scope of work covers pavement, road furniture, road lines, bridge and slope maintenance, grass cutting, tree trimming and culvert maintenance.